Introducing a new monthly interview series

Introducing a new monthly interview series coming to the Valley in 2021.
The Milking Stool series

The Milking Stool is an evening of complete relaxation in the company of fascinating speakers and of people, like you, who enjoy exploring ideas.

The first event ‘Landed’ will be held February 6th at the Kangaroo Valley Hall followed by dinner and drinks at The General with chef Tony Milroy.  Our February guests will be Yael Stone, famed Australian actor from the Netflix series, ‘Orange Is the New Black’; Indigenous Elder, Conservationist, Educator and Sustainability Advocate, Noel Butler; and President of the National Farmers’ Federation, Fiona Simson.

The Milking Stool isn’t about talks, debates or lectures. It’s the pleasure of listening to three wildly different opinions on the same subject from three wildly interesting people – filmmakers, farmers, writers, executives, persuaders, chefs, environmentalists, musicians, activists.

Our guests — innovative minds on a particular topic — will have the chance to say what they think, without limits, on some unexpected subjects. We won’t be covering fake news, politics or religion (although sex is likely to rear its head). Not because those topics aren’t important – they are – but because we think difference can be explored in lots of ways, including ones that are fun, enlivening and unexpected.

The Interviewer – Mary Moran – was an Emergency Medicine doctor in Australia, a diplomat in London, a campaigner with Médecins Sans Frontières in the Netherlands, France and the UK, and founder of a global health think-tank at the London School of Economics. She’s dined with Aung Sang Suu Kyi (pre-her downfall), been a typist at the ABC, worked with Mother Teresa, and been told that she’s a square peg who should leave the round hole of bureaucracy (she did). In this increasingly polarised world, and with a lifetime of advocacy, opinions and encounters under her belt, she’s eager to explore with you the challenges and pleasures of difference.

Your role? To listen with an open curious mind to three very different points of view – some you’ll love, some you’ll disagree with, some that may surprise you.  

We can’t promise you’ll leave the evening as a more interesting, sexier, more open version of yourself, but we think it’s a damn fine place to start.

The Milking Stool offers three ticketing options. Just come for the interviews.  Sign up for the interviews plus a mezze plate afterwards.  Or join our speakers for a sit-down dinner after the interviews.  We’ve lined up chefs with experience in hatted and Michelin-starred establishments, and awards from Best Regional Restaurant in NSW to Young Chef of the Year. The offerings are focussed on using fresh local produce, as we’d like to support local farmers while we’re enjoying ourselves. And the bar will be open before and after the event if you want to deconstruct the evening over a wine or beer. 

‘Landed’ Saturday February 6th Kangaroo Valley Hall
February will be the anniversary of last summer’s fires, with the bush gradually coming back to life, so this month we’ll be looking at the earth, land, country. This Milking Stool explores three very different views of the land, and what resonates for each speaker. We won’t be climbing down into the trenches of environmental politics and climate change. Instead, we’ll listen to the differing experiences and views of a commercial farmer, an indigenous elder, and a recent convert to personal environmental action. Our guests Yael Stone, Fiona Simson and Noel Butler will each talk about what ‘the land’ means to them.

Are you interested in being involved with the Milking Stool event? We are looking for volunteers to help with ushering and servers. For more information please email Natalie Harker at [email protected]



The Food & Farms

The winemakers, olive growers, oyster farmers and veggie providers who supply us are also ready to welcome you. We hope you’ll stay around to visit them and take home some local produce for when you can’t be in the Valley in person.