The Food & Farms

The winemakers, olive growers, oyster farmers and veggie providers who supply us are also ready to welcome you. We hope you’ll stay around to visit them and take home some local produce for when you can’t be in the Valley in person.


The General

We sell what we love to eat, make and grow, from sourdough bread, to kombucha, pickles and fresh marinated cheese.

Terrewah Farm

Nestled at the foot of Mt Scanzi, we grow and sell fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, grass fed lamb and produce from other local growers.

Kangaroo Valley Olives

Our olives are handpicked individually and processed naturally, using traditional methods to preserve their natural flavour and essence.

Yarrawa Estate

Nestled between the escarpments of Kangaroo Valley. Our vineyard enjoys a temperate climate with rich volcanic soils.

Upcoming Events

January 29,2022 @ - 5.30 PM


We all love the movies, but have they become a cultural battleground?  Critics love Nomadland but Thor packs in the audiences.  Women Oscar nominees are a talking point.  Studio heads (yep, Harvey) have been ousted. Coppola calls comic-book movies ‘despicable’, while Scorsese says they aren’t even cinema.  Are the Hollywood days over, or are the movies as good as they ever were?   

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